New Tivo!

Yesterday, my new Tivo Series 3 HD arrived. Yes, I know that it is a box that is being discontinued in favor of the Series 2 HD, but the extra candy on this box is so nice I couldn’t pass it up. As it is also intended to be in the Home Theater some day, the THX certification was an added bonus.

 Tivo Series 3

So now we have a both single tuner and dual tuner Series 2 Tivo’s sitting around. If I could just use them import recorded content and watch them in other rooms without having them activated, then life would be perfect. As it is though, I am left with having them as useless bricks, hacking them, paying Tivo $9.99 a month to make them useful, or selling them on eBay. I guess what I am saying is… if you need a cheap used Tivo, let me know.


One Response

  1. The new TiVoHD is built on the Series 3 architecture. From a hardware standpoint, it is not a Series 2 box at all. Basically, it’s a trimmed down version of the Series 3 as far as candy. No glowing remote, no THX certification, and a 160 GB hard drive instead of a 250 GB hard drive. But none of those difference decrease it’s functionality compared to the Series 3.

    Just my $0.02

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