Jackson Browne v. John McCain re: Copyright Infringement

Singer Jackson Browne is suing US Republican presidential candidate John McCain for using one of his songs without permission. (NY Times)

McCain used Browne’s 1977 hit “Running on Empty” in a commercial shown in Ohio. Browne claims that the use of the sone infringes hiis copyright and will make people conclude thaT he endorses McCain. He is seeking $75,000 on damages.

On a different front, a week ago on Swingtown,  Laurie ran away from the cabin so she could hitchhike back to Chicago so whe and Doug could go to a Jackson Browne concert. 

All in all, a big week for Jackson Browne. And I am not sure that “Running on Empty” is the best song for a campaign.

3 Responses


    If you “borrow” a song and don’t want to be sued
    Avoid the performer who sings for his feud.
    Seek out some lyrics that fit like a glove
    But steer clear of the guy who wrote Lawyers in Love.

    Light verse, ripped from the headlines

  2. Hi Mr. Henning,

    I am trying to find more information on this suit, but sadly, nothing I turn up has a case name, or any information about whether or not this suit was actually brought, and if it was brought, whether it has since settled.

    I suspect this means it either was never actually brought, or settled very quickly, but if you have any more information beyond what you have included here, I would greatly appreciate it!



  3. A person can sing a song of a famous singer ,and it will not undergoes COPYRIGHT infringement if that person is not earning any amount of money or not harming the market of the real owner. if by singing of that person ,real owner is getting publicity ,in this condition owner should not file a case of copyright infringement

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