Keith and Judge Joe BrownKeith Henning is an attorney, writer, technologist, and former software industry executive who works with intellectual property law and high-tech companies. Intellectual property law is a complex and rapidly-changing field.  Keith Henning specializes in consulting clients seeking cutting-edge advice on developing a high-tech business.

Henning has an extensive background in computer science shared by few others.  He holds Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in eBusiness and has worked as a professional computer programmer, an architect of large scale software and networking systems, and served as the VP of Technology and the VP of Research & Development for several software startups. He was also one of the first ever corporate Chief Privacy Officers and fought to create clear standards for online customer data privacy. He still consults on special technology projects (such as a current datamining project in Bioinformatics),  and maintains his knowledge of the latest advances in computer technology.

Henning’s extensive experience with computer hardware and software enables him to communicate with those in high-tech companies in their own language.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock-William H. Bowen School of Law, Little Rock, Arkansas, May, 2007
Juris Doctor with honors

  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review
    • Associate Editor
    • 2006-07 Member of the Year
    • Writer’s Award from Faculty Publications Committee
  • ABA-BNA Award for Excellence in the Study of Intellectual Property Law
  • CALI Top Paper Award, Law and Economics
  • Awarded Dean’s Certificate of Distinguished Public Service
  • Intellectual Property Law Society, Founder & President
  • BAR/BRI Patent Bar Review Representative

The University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, April, 2004
Bachelor of Science in Business/eBusiness

Published Works
“The Big Chill”: The Supreme Court Adopts An Inducement Standard For Third-Party Copyright Infringement Liability, Leaving Innovation In The Cold, 29 U. ARK. LITTLE ROCK L. REV. 165 (2006).

Annual Survey of Caselaw, Intellectual Property, Contract Law, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law, 30 U. ARK. LITTLE ROCK L. REV. ___ (2007) (forthcoming).

Copyright’s Deus Ex Machina: Economic Fostering of Orphan Works through Reverse Registration, 55 J. COPYRIGHT SOC’Y U.S.A. ___ (2008) (forthcoming).

Rappers Sorry, or How Copyright Restrictions on Digital Sampling Inhibits African-American Participation in Societal Discourse, 3 NAT. BLACK L. J. ___ (2008) (forthcoming).

I also have information about my patents, creative works, free software, and assorted past projects.


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