eBay, Inc. v. Savani, et al.

The Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Blogpoints out that eBay has filed a lawsuit in against the company running an auction site at http://www.worldauctions.com/, alleging 13 counts of trademark infringement. The lawsuit was brought because, apparently, the cease and desist letter to the owner of World Auctions, who apparently includes a nephew of Pakistan’s president, was not only not heeded, but was rebuked with threats. The complaint alleges that the two sites are confusingly similar because World Auctions “adopted” the same look and feel for its site as eBay’s http://www.ebay.com/. Decide for yourself.


world auctions screenshot

The lawsuit also alleges a number of other violations, such as intentionally attempting to interrupt eBay’s message boards and copying user ratings. The Plaintiff’s Lawyer Blog was nice enough to parse the complaint and list the different alleged violates, which include the following:  Federal Trademark Infringement, Federal Trade Dress Infringement, Federal False Designation of Origin, Common Law Trademark Infringement, Trademark Dilution in Violation of California law, Federal Copyright Infringement, Violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Violation of the Computer Crime Act, Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations and Prospective Economic Advantage, Unfair Competition, Common Law Unfair Competition, and Breach of Contract.


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